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A friend of Skyscraper shares this message.

A friend of Skyscraper shares this message.

Skyscraper is an online music, arts, and culture magazine that aims to provide insightful cultural criticism – in the form of reviews, interviews, articles, and columns – on a broad range of topics in popular culture. The website is updated every day, Monday through Friday. While best-known for our reviews of new music and in-depth artist interviews, we also cover film and television, books, comics, visual art, comedy, politics, technology, and a slew of other topics related to media and popular culture. Moreover, let it be clear that we cover just about every style of music in existence, not just indie, punk, alternative, or whatever it is they’re calling it these days. If it is adventurous and different, no matter where it’s from or what it sounds like, we’ll probably like it, or at least have something to say about it.

A little more background: Founded in 1998 by brothers Andrew and Peter Bottomley, Skyscraper operated as a quarterly published print publication until Spring 2009. Andrew ran the editorial side of things, while Peter tackled the business side. Hundreds of musicians were interviewed, (tens of?) thousands of records were reviewed, and countless fine folks contributed writing, photography, illustration, and graphic design work. Over that 11-year span, 30 issues were published (many of which are still available). In September 2010, Skyscraper completed its transition to an online-only format with the launch of this nifty new website. Andrew still heads up the editorial team, though he is now assisted by managing editor Diana Willis Bottomley (who also happens to be his lovely wife) and a handful of section editors. Peter continues to handle all advertising, marketing, and business affairs.

Skyscraper is an independently owned and operated publication. Our contributors are all freelancers who work for the magazine on a voluntary basis. They are a diverse and talented bunch – their day jobs range from students and teachers to musicians, journalists, web developers, audio technicians, barbacks, and other glamorous and not-so-glamorous positions – and they are geographically spread across the U.S., Canada, England, and Asia. They write because they love and enjoy it, and because they love and enjoy the things they choose to write about, and it is their sheer dedication and little-rewarded hard work that keeps Skyscraper up and running. (So, please be sure to thank them if you ever meet any of them.)

We have an editorial office in Madison, Wisconsin, and a business office in Boulder, Colorado (see our Contact Us page for mailing addresses and more info).