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By Andrew and Peter Bottomley January 10, 2011

Welcome to the all-new Skyscraper Magazine website. As you may know, Skyscraper was a print publication for 11 years, publishing 30 issues between 1998 and 2009 (and if you don’t know, you can learn more about us here). When we shut down the print edition (for reasons explained in greater detail here), the intention was always to return as a full-fledged online magazine. We certainly didn’t plan on that transition taking more than a year to accomplish, but some things got in the way: work and school, family life, relocations, and, most of all, technical setbacks and a general lack of experience with web development (we were, after all, quite luddistic in our devotion to the print medium, so it probably shouldn’t come as a surprise that we were a bit naïve and much overwhelmed when it came to dealing exclusively with the digital realm). Nevertheless, here we are now, and we couldn’t be more excited to be back.

Not only is Skyscraper up and running again, but we’ll be publishing more frequently and covering a wider array of topics than ever before. Perhaps the most striking change you’ll notice between the print edition and this site is that Skyscraper online will publish new content every day, Monday through Friday. The main focus of what we do, however, should look very familiar to anyone who has ever read the magazine before: critical reviews of new music releases and in-depth interviews with, and articles on, emerging and innovative artists. Added to that core content will be a number of new sections that address subjects that we either haven’t dealt with in a long while, haven’t previously written about in much detail, or haven’t ever covered before. For instance, the site features much expanded coverage of books and print media, including graphic novels, fiction and poetry, and author interviews. Our film and video section is enlarging to include fictional movies alongside music-related nonfiction films. We’ve also brought back concert reviews and singles coverage. In addition, in the coming weeks we’ll be introducing several blog-like columns on genres and topics ranging from modern classical music and the British indie music scene to comedy and small-press recordings (limited edition vinyl, cassettes, et al). This here column, the Editor’s Desk, will serve as something of a sounding board for a mix of news stories, site updates, and initial thoughts on new artists and releases.

Let it be known that the site before you now is only the beginning. We’re still overcoming considerable web development limitations, for one, and expect this beta version of the site to improve and expand considerably in the foreseeable future (though that statement should by no means diminish the tremendous effort of our web developer, Alec Ferrell, who has worked diligently to bring this project to its fruition). In time, we will host audio-visual content on the site, such as streaming or downloadable music, videos, and photo galleries. We also hope to branch out into still more categories and types of media, including reporting on technology, the music industry, and even television. That said, please bear with us as we get our digital sea legs, so to speak – there are sure to be some kinks and bugs (kinky bugs?) at the outset, both at the technical and editorial ends of things, but rest assured we’ll be working to resolve them as quickly as possible.

For now, thank you for reading. We hope you enjoy what you see, and that you’ll continue to return in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Andrew Bottomley and Peter Bottomley