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By Tim Kasher February 22, 2011

MAKING COFFEE IN THE MORNING: Mostly, I just don’t want to take this for granted. When I’m not touring I have the luxury of getting up at a semi-decent time, casually boiling water, grinding beans, and allowing the coffee to blend in a French press. Don’t have to rush through some coffee stand on the way to work, or drink shitty coffee from… wherever the shitty coffee is made. I guess I enjoy the process, and again, appreciate the privilege of getting to do so.

NETFLIX INSTANT: Netflix Instant is amazing. A few years ago I said Netflix was amazing, then they bumped it up. It’s important to me because one of my ultimate daydreams is to live out in that “cabin in the woods” somewhere, but prior to Netflix, I could never accept (in my daydream) that I would have to abandon movies. But hey, Netflix will never take the place of actually going to the movie theater. Which brings me to my next favorite thing…

GOING TO THE MOVIES: I’m sure this seems pedestrian to some, but I swear: I’ve yet to go see a movie and not truly appreciate the size of the screen, the sound, and the feeling of sharing something out there in the world. My mother once debased my theater obsession to an inclination for popcorn. Mom, I only get popcorn every third movie. Makes me gassy.

NAILS AND HAIR: I just can’t believe they keep growing and growing! Kinda nice, right? Or, as far as hair goes, I guess I should also be appreciating that I still have hair, and that it still grows. Sure, we have to keep cutting and clipping, but look at me, I’m alive!! I just looked up whether they keep growing after we die. Apparently, that’s a misconception. Damn.

BUTTERFIELD 8: Just saw this film (1960, dir. Daniel Mann) the other night (Netflix). Elizabeth Taylor as an NYC call girl. I love seeing older movies tackling subject matter that was, at the time, pushing the limits of what was deemed acceptable. You have to take the time period heavily into account while watching it, the weight of the boundaries they were pushing. These days, a film like SherryBaby (2006, dir. Laurie Collyer) can seem commonplace. I also happen to love SherryBaby.

BEING ALONE: Oh boy, do I love spending time alone. Touring as much as I do, I am almost always with others, day and night, always. I live alone; I’ve come to prefer living alone but also make a point of it, as a contrast to tour. I am happiest when I’m writing, working on things – and I only do that alone. I love seeing movies alone, dining alone… can’t say I prefer sleeping alone, but have learned to adjust to it fairly well. And I have my dog to sleep with, which is pretty grand…

MY DOG, GUAKY: She is just… well, she’s one hell of a sweetheart. She’s more of a “dog’s” dog, rather than a people dog, as in she much prefers hanging with the neighbor dogs than, well, me. But that’s just her, that’s how she is. I think of her as a teenager; sure, she loves me, but I’m “Dad” – not cool – she wants to go hang with her kind. She’s faster than any dog she’s ever met!

OMAHA: I just recently moved back to my hometown of Omaha and can’t get any writing done because I’m simply having way too much fun. But that’s okay, we need to take these experiences in, relax a little, enjoy life. Right? I never intend to take my friends for granted; I often leave, go explore other places, other people – but I’ll never have a closer community than the people I’ve grown up with in Omaha.

ELVIS COSTELLO: I’ve been meaning to tell Jenny Lewis and Jonathan Rice how jealous I still am that they have gotten to write and record with him. I have a rotating list of songwriters I study/research, and Elvis is currently back in that number one slot. I’ve been picking up records of his from the early/mid-1980s, an era that it seems some people don’t appreciate as much? I don’t think I’ve heard anything of his that I haven’t liked. “Punch the Clock” and “Goodbye Cruel World” are the two I’m currently investing in.

CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: I own all of the seasons and watch them over and over like some sick Larry David obsessed pervert. Such an acute sense of social deconstruction. Quite possibly the worst person one could/should look up to, yet I do, unabashedly.

Tim Kasher is the singer, songwriter, and guitarist of the Omaha, Nebraska-based post-hardcore bands Cursive and The Good Life. Most recently, he released his first solo album, The Game of Monogamy (Saddle Creek, 2010).

Photo: Jess Ewald

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