Beau Jennings and the Holy Tulsa Thunder CD - The Old Murkville Forest / Silence Productions

I was hoping for an edgy record from this Beau Jennings fella, and instead what I got was a Ben Folds-y mess that lost its chance the minute it started rolling along in that certain way, in that certain fashion which only the most annoying groups undertake. Like Fastball: they had a hit and it wasn't very good, and their other music wasn't very good either, but they had enough collective energy to muster a hit and that was probably the expectation in the first place. This album is middle of the road enough to perhaps find its way onto radio someday, and isolated tunes like "In My Veins Again" drop the rollicking pop persuasion and get to the root of the emotions that Jennings mostly fails to express at other junctions. Basically, this is a good band stuck with half-hearted arrangements, a singer stuck with songs that don't really stick to the wall the way fully cooked tunes do. Sorry. (Grant Purdum)



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