Doubleplusgood CD - Matinee
"Susan's In the Sky" CDEP - Matinee

Scotland's Bubblegum Lemonade is the brainchild of one man, Lawrence "Laz" McCluskey, and he seems pretty intent on kickstarting a C86 revival with this outfit, as well as his other band Strawberry Whiplash. I'm certainly not complaining! If you are a fan of early Primal Scream, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Pastels and Shop Assistants, Doubleplusgood will be right up your alley with its ringing Rickenbackers, fuzz in all the right places, and, most importantly infectious melodies. This is a summery pop record with a lot of substance. The infectious JAMC-flavored opener "A Billion Heartbeats" sets the tone for the album with its upbeat melody - a pure pop adrenaline rush. Also great is "I'll Never Be Yours," which includes backing vocals from Sandra, lead vocalist for the aforementioned Strawberry Whiplash. "Tired Of Sleeping" chimes like prime time Byrds with its seductive guitar sound and fab vocals. If this album sounds interesting, don't hesitate to also buy the "Susan's In The Sky" EP. While the title track is one of the standouts on the album, the three non-LP B-sides, including a poppy reinterpretation of Big Star's "Holocaust," are equally fantastic.

By Ben Vendetta




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