The Trouble We're In CD - Revelation

Yes, that name's a face-smackingly obvious The Who reference, but no, this isn't some retro-rock sack of wank masquerading as the vital sound of Now. Oh no, Milwaukee's Call Me Lightning aren't about to cite any rocker's past as the reason for you record-buying citizens to spend your hard-earned dollars on their wares. Instead, they're going to sway you the old fashioned way, the way lost on the poseurs content to let stylized photo shoots and celebrity endorsements flog their dead horse to within a lash of its life. Call Me Lightning are going to rock you. Hard. They're going to force you to move, to dance, to become one with The Trouble We're In, a record so awash with mischievous intentions and snide sideways glances that it positively must be made yours. "Asses to Ashes" swaggers like big girls like The Icarus Line think they do, only don't (quite, but let's not say that to their faces, eh?), whilst "Golden Radical (Young Professional)" beats all the second-rate punk-funkers at their own potty-mouthed and pretentious game without so much as trying. Hell, Call Me Lightning doesn't even break into a sweat. Trust in this, though: you will. And what's more, you'll be lapping it up. (Mike Diver)



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