Broken Record Prayers CD - What's Your Rupture?

Despite having released five albums and countless singles on influential labels such as Kill Rock Stars and Wiiija, London's Comet Gain has tended to remain relegated to "best-kept-secret" status. That's a shame because the group, centered around the amazingly talented David Feck (known sometimes as David Christian), has put out a goldmine of amazing records, combining all of the best parts of mod, punk, lo-fi pop, and soul with lyrical themes that touch on everything from romantic heartbreak to fallen film stars and international socialism. While Broken Record Prayers is a collection of non-LP 45s and odds-and-ends, including three Peel Session tracks, it flows like a perfect album. "Beautiful Despair" is a potent blast of punk energy reminiscent of Buzzcocks' "Something's Gone Wrong Again" - you can almost feel the tension pour out of your speakers. Nearly as lethal is a cover of Curtis Mayfield's Seventies classic "Hard Times," as well as "Brothers Off The Block," a shout out to Black Panther-era revolutionaries. On the more mellow side, "Books of California" has a touching nostalgic vibe, while "You Can Hide Your Love Forever" is an anorak pop gem that would be perfect on a Sarah Records mix tape. For those who have never listened to Comet Gain, Broken Record Prayers is an ideal place to start. Before long you'll want their whole back catalog.

By Ben Vendetta



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