Corn Money CD - City Salvage

On Corn Money, their debut album, Brooklynís The Defibulators present a country hoedown thatís as long on ideas as it is infectiously toe-tapping, turbo-charged throughout with a racy punk rock attitude that reveals itself at times in the song arrangements. Without doubt, roots purists will be suitably snobbish and appalled (but, they will have missed something special, as purists are wont to do). Corn Money holds an abundance of smart humor on its 13 tracks, and if the band steer with abandon toward that line which divides a joyous celebratory spree from too-knowing ironic derision, well, they never once cross it. Bluegrass, rockabilly, western swing and Dixieland jazz swirl in an All-American punch spiked with punk-like mania. The Defibulators are clearly having respectful fun with their material, and those with a love for roots revival, for twang-heavy guitars, two-step rhythms, and sweetly sawing fiddles will have found some new heroes.

By Michael Meade



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