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Drag The River hail from Fort Collins, Colorado, at the foot of the Rockies, where the air is clear and punk rockers settle in their old age. 1996 found Chad Price (then of All) and Jon Snodgrass (of Armchair Martian) residing in that mountain hideaway and recording a gang of demos with ex-Price bandmate Karl Alvarez on drums. The music was eventually released as a record called Hobos Demos in 2000 and precipitated over a decade of recordings and live shows. J.J. from the Nobodys joined semi-permanently afterward, along with a Spinal Tap worthy spate of journeyman drummers. 2007 found the band serving as the backing band for Seattle singer-songwriter Rocky Votolato, a union that proved short-lived. Snodgrass left a week or so into their maiden tour and word soon come down the pike that Drag The River was pretty much done. It was a damn shame, especially with the band having released arguably their best record, It's Crazy. Snodgrass and Price played the odd solo show, then the odd duo show, and now recent years have found the gents back together and playing, although live shows on the East Coast have been in the duo incarnation.

Bad At Breaking Up, which has a bumper crop of great songs (B-sides and splits), including their cover of Sam Cooke's "Having A Party", "JJ's Driving" and the stellar "A Way With Women". There are seventeen more if those don't tickle your fancy, all in a spiffy fold-out card stock package that looks great. Drag The River may be bad at breaking up, but they haven't lost a step when it comes to writing great songs.

By Rob Browning




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