Return from Planet Dub 2CD - Collision

At this point, Lee Perry might be the most recognizable name in Jamaican music. And while the success of last year's single "Pum Pum" helped his international visibility, it can be said that the track didn't really sate any of his long time fans - nor did his trip to the Grammy's. With Perry's work over the last few years incorporating new and disparate musical ideas, it may have seemed as though the producer was beginning to stray from what granted him success initially. The impending release of Return from Planet Dub, though, might change some minds. Accompanied by The Slits' Ari Up and the production crew of Dubblestandart, Perry goes in on a double-disc work that at times recalls the smoky dubs from The Black Ark. Of course, that's a difficult peak to again reach for, but moments here find the 73-year-old almost getting there. The German production crew is well enough versed in Perry's catalog to create ample backings for The Upsetter's much diminished voice. The curious thing, though, is the inclusion of three separate versions of Max Romeo's "Chase the Devil," originally produced by Perry in 1976. But as the singer and producer continues to age - and dress bizarrely - this retread might actually signal a further slip from his past renown. (Dave Cantor)



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