Split 3" 2CD - Three One G

Not entirely removed from the Digital Age agenda of late eighties Wire, the subtle keystrokes of Suicide, the aplomb of Nitzer Ebb and Front 242, and the car-compactor crunch of Yellow Swans, both Fast Forward and T Cells strike interesting notes within the industrial/noise/electronic fields. And both groups also feature essentially the same members, which hail from other bands the likes of Le Shok, The Locust, and The Distraction. Plucking their sound from a grab bag of the above-named influences and others, including the ever-referencable Einsturzende Neubauten (which the group itself apparently compares itself to), there is an aura about this release that screams "side project," from the ambient/minimalism of T Cells' "Finger in the Socket" and "Deformed" to the pointless feel accompanying a few of Fast Forward's outings. After further examination, though, one can sense this is a group of musicians making an arbitrary record; both bands make arguments for their existence. T Cells serve up five mighty fine packets of digi-sauce, their "Maserati" being the equivalent of a robot game show theme and "Drunken" the result of each contestant getting drunk and throwing up on the host. Fast Forward allot five reasons to back off the "skip" button as well, and with more vehemence, their pieces being much more linear and drum-machine-centered while still just as quirky, kooky and all-around skronky as the five-spot proffered by T Cells. The interesting sounds found within, coupled with "gotta have it" three-inch double-disc packaging, make this latest Three One G split a good investment for futurists or those who remember fondly the days of eighties Casio industrial. (Grant Purdum)



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