More Fiend CD - Drigh

"Keep music evil," Cleveland's Floorian advise on the artwork of their second full-length. And they spend the better part of More Fiend doing just that. I haven't heard their previous work, so whether this is new direction or more of the same is not clear. What Floorian do craft here is an amalgam of heavy (at times very heavy) eighties druggy drone, psychedelic guitar, and atmosphere out the ying-yang.

On "The Lower Room" enough incense and hemp swirl in the drugged torpor of Floorian doing Spaceman 3 doing the Velvet Underground doing The Byrds to choke an elephant. "Missed" descends into the thick ooze of ambient dark wave, all dampened and bristly textures chafing against uninterpretable murmuring. "How Far, How Fast" is a sludgy look at where the post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd may have gone had they not been irrevocably sidetracked by The Dark Side of the Moon.

The majority of More Fiend consists of a suite of six tracks, collectively called SEANCE. The suite holds loosely together, I suppose, with just about half the individual tracks exhibiting stand-alone merit. Of these, "Encore" is the stand out, its bed of drones overlaid by sinuous guitars drawing on Middle Eastern elements. Curiously, the only misstep Floorian make is on opener "Never Even," an odd admixture of themes and textures that never really gels. That aside, More Fiend is a disc with much to offer the adherents of heavy psych and drone music.

By Michael Meade




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