By Derrick C. Brown – Write Bloody Publishing

Derrick Brown's collection of poetry falls in line with many of our best young contemporary poets such as Amy Lawless, Erica Dawson, Luke Kennard, and Matthea Harvey. I Love You is Back is full of freshness and brash originality that can only come from the young and uninitiated to the often stuffy old school of poetry. Though Brown eschews form almost completely (one glaring omission to his writing and one that could take him to new levels if he were so inclined), much of the subject matter of I Love You is Back is full of intrepid insights that can only be said in Brown's particular colloquial style. In "The Uncaptured Orchestra" and "The Timing of Carol and Walt," Brown strips away the flowery notions of romanticism while still managing to display the core essence of human romantic emotion. In other spots such as "Wolves -a -twitch -a Go-Go" and "How the Jellyfish Wishes," Brown's facility with surreal imagery get the better of the setting, taking the reader on a delightfully overwhelming path of disjunctive dream imagery. Often Brown tends towards his strength, which is in the elucidation of this strange imagery, occasionally it leads to nice description without a penultimate payoff in meaning. But for the most part, I Love You is Back is a new breath in the confounding current of contemporary poetry, a bolt of lightning in a world of few thunderstorms. (Steve Five)



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