Society Is a Carnivorous Flower CD - No Idea

You can't keep Lance Hahn down. Even after losing his home and a large portion of his Honey Bear Records masters along with it in a fire a few years back, Hahn has still managed to release a seemingly never-ending stream of material as J Church, Cilantro, and seemingly a million other projects. Where he has the time to be as staggeringly well read as he is, I'll never know. The current incarnation of J Church is based out of Austin, Texas, and finds Hahn backed by local fast-core heroes Storm the Tower. Society is a Carnivorous Flower is the same, quality heart-on-your sleeve punk we’ve come to expect from the J Church franchise, weighing in at seven songs plus a hefty 15-minute unlisted track comprised of four or five songs strung together in a song cycle that on its own is better than many band's entire records. "Keep Smiling America" is a punk romp that channels Husker Du trashing Ric Ocasek's house, but hold steady emo nation, Hahn has songs about girls in "Styrofoam" and "210," too. As poetic as they are punk, Hahn and J Church are setting the bar high for intelligent, well-written punk rock songs. (Rob Browning)



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