With a Cape and a Cane CD - StarTime

For some reason the first Joggers album hit me like a peppermint Mento: Refreshing and pleasant, but not worth raving about excessively (and between you, me and the water cooler I've been mercilessly chided for it). But give the Portland quartet some downtime to record a new album and zing! Now their music conjures Sour Patch Kids: tart, tangy and sure to force you into a double- or triple-take. Having finally donned With a Cap and a Cane, a highly anticipated release, I can truly count myself part of The Joggers' squad, ready to slip into a tracksuit and hoof it until the wee hours. What really pushes this album ahead is the rinky-dinky (in a good way) guitar playing, so bouncy and playful yet dead-on precise. As the jagged shards of guitar jut in and out of the songs, a sturdy foundation of breezy bass, moody drums and passable vocals form a comfortable layer of sound, perfect to stretch out in for hours... or for the 40-odd minutes of running time The Joggers afford us. Playful, paunchy and pug-ugly as a well-developed beer gut, With a Cape and a Cane will only further develop The Joggers' cult following. (Grant Purdum)



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