Visitor's Band CD - Suburban Home

Whether you are familiar with Jon Snodgrass from his tenures with Armchair Martian, Drag the River, or maybe just from him being one of the nicest humans alive, you would be hard pressed to argue that he was anything but one hell of a singer-songwriter. While he was no stranger to a solo show with Drag The River, the band's hiatus a couple years ago prompted Snodgrass to start compiling material for a solo record. Recorded in various impromptu sessions at home and on tour, Visitor's Band has Snodgrass backed by various collaborators that include, but are not limited to, members of The Ergs (RIP), The Schemers and Two Cow Garage. Snodgrass has a whiskey-rough voice that will sweet-talk your earhole like a Siren. After hearing tracks like "Remember My Name" and "Brave With Strangers," you'll want to beach your ship on his shores in short order. Whether spartan and acoustic or backed by one of the ad hoc visitor's bands here, Snodgrass will enchant you in short order. There's a split with Cory Branan coming in short order, but in the interim, and in the absence of a full band Drag The River tour, you would do well to tarry with Visitor's Band.

By Rob Browning



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