Must You Smash Your Ears Before You Learn to Listen with Your Eyes CDEP - Self-released

At some point these new post-rock bands have to start being accountable for the progenitors they ape. We all know how easy it is to play instrumental music; why do you think the stuff sprouts up in such numbers, like corn stalks in a field next to a nuclear power plant? Toting a sound heavy in ambience, flange, feedback, plaintive high-picking and military snare drumming, Joy Wants Eternity invent very few tricks of their own, playing it safe-Susan all the way through Before You Learn, tempering their derivative nature just a tad with high-speed tempos not normally found in their art form of choice. But this is Encyclopedia Generica; this is Kinko's; this is redundant as the "clap" of an antique typewriter. My heart says "yes" but my head says "shit no"; I must admit I'm conflicted by this six-track-by-numbers; sick over it, even. What can a reviewer do when the music is pleasant but the lack of innovation sticks out like an erect penis/nipple? I prefer to chug a beer, take a 'luud, and give the disc in question a toss to the other side of the room. (Grant Purdum)



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