The Sun Splits for... The Blind Swimmer CD - De Stijl

How can I keep you reading this review if I mention that this is yet another supposed "freak-folk" singer-songwriter with his debut album in 2008? The pool of artists that fall under that tag is dense enough to crash any iTunes account, filled with rip-offs of rip-offs, hokey outfits, and an offensive insincerity. Even with this in mind, I have no choice but to recommend King Darves, as his artistic voice is a bright hope in this otherwise depressing sea. Hailing from Highland Park, New Jersey (home of Headache Records and their street punk ilk?), Darves is a peculiar entity, bellowing deep with a natural and uninflected voice. His songs conjure moments of introspection, joy, and longing, all performed with the same natural dexterity as the act of tying a pair of shoes. Hints of 1960s British psychedelia and classic Detroit rock can be found on The Sun Splits, but this is truly the work of a singular soul. It's the type of record that exists only because it has no choice but to exist, made with the same modesty and sense of calm as any of the earth's simple processes. King Darves has a wonderful voice along with the right songs to exercise it. (Matthew Kosloff)



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