Your Anchor CD – Barsuk

When I first heard Lackthereof, I didn’t know the group’s background. These guys love Menomena, I thought. No, wait – this is Menomena. Demos perhaps? Close, but no cigar. Lackthereof is the solo-project of Danny Seim, a founding-member of the aforementioned Portland group. And hot damn, there ain’t a thing wrong with an album full of tracks that sound like Menomena’s earth-shattering Friend and Foe (2007) – front to back, the thing is fucking phenomenal. In his downtime, Seim becomes Lackthereof. Your Anchor, his ninth album since 1998, is full of the same recording techniques, winding staccato bass, twangy guitar bends, and stilted, hi-hat heavy, overdriven drums so expertly explored on Friend and Foe. Instruments tumble in and are suddenly sucked out. Seim often layers his hushed, reedy vocals into simple harmonies, tracing the same melodies. Though most arrangements evoke Menomena, Lackthereof’s composition style is slightly more straightforward, as Seim appears to be writing traditionally, without the use of the looping software his other band employs. Lackthereof never arcs quite as high or heavy as Menomena, which is to be expected of a solo project. Still, Seim discovers original moments. “We’re half awake in a fake empire,” he repeats in the album’s closer, his voice carrying perhaps more pain and emotion than ever. (Andrew R. Tonry)



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