Aptos CD - American Dust

The thing about The Moore Brothers (Greg and Thom, who actually are) is that I have had great appreciation for their spare, moody, ironic and frequently dark folk-pop. Hell, Iíve even been relatively free of the aural wincing to be normally expected from an outfit that so clearly calls to mind Simon and Garfunkel. Okay, yes, Art Garfunkel had a beautiful voice. And Paul Simon, well, heís Paul Simon for chrissake. Still, I consider neither of these facts good reason to inflict their light pop musical output on me. But, as I say, I like The Moore Brothers.

Aptos is their new record, and let me tell you that I donít much like it. Greg and Thom have lightened the mood of their songwriting so much that itís difficult to appreciate their typically twisted lyrics (and theyíre still here for the attentive ear), set as they are in nearly substance-less and saccharine pop-fluff trappings. Everything on Aptos comes wrapped in insupportable, airy, early 1970s folk-rock lite arrangements which simply cannot be overlooked. The Brothers appear to have lost the plot of their ironic commentary, or perhaps they have raised their irony to such skyscraper-ish heights that it is I who have lost the plot. The end result, alas, is pretty much the same.

By Michael Meade



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