The Path From a Point Is In the Shape of a Heart CD - Noise Factory

So many bubbly, cuddly, befuddling electronic-cum-indie bands, so little time. Hailing from a distant planet also home to wordless waifs like Dof, Mum, Helios and Crombie, Nybbl (nibble?) gnaw at the senses until there's little left to clutch on to, laying a foundation of busy beats and supplementing the bottom end with upper-tier dashes of keyboard, all-encompassing rashes of effects and splashes of live instruments such as reeds and trumpet. Thanks to a strong, instinctual sense of flow, smooth sailing paves The Path for the most part, though an ill-advised bout with vocals ruins the otherwise strong "The Season" (they're instrumental for a reason, remember), but it's only one track, yes-no? Very impressive, boys and girls; now how's about playing all the instruments yourselves? No? Okay, you win... (Grant Purdum)



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