Faint Humms CD - Galaxia

Like Liz Janes, Neko Case, Emylou Harris and many others, Peggy Honeywell drizzles her velvet voice over country western arrangements faster than you can say sasparilla-Sally. While Faint Humms seems to rely on the same guitar figures from song to song, it's important to remember there are 15 mutha-truckin' ditties on this here disc, so there's plenty of room for Peg to stretch out her honey dripper, which unleashes a doozy or two along the way in the form of "Little Birdie" and the brave banjo of "Worried Man," an old-timey standard with a double melody that borrows its bluster from classic "I'll Fly Away." While the above-mentioned contemporaries are about as authentically country as a city boy squeezing into tight Wranglers, Faint Humms is genuinely delivered and crisp but lacking the oomph to push it over the top. Awe hell, any gal with 15 songs to burn should have no trouble getting over that hump quicker than a desert-raised ranch hand. Maybe next time, sweet thang. (Grant Purdum)



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