Kuss Mich, Meine Liebe CD - Load

Kuss Mich is a disaster that deigns it unnecessary to desist; a dungeon, a delectable, dour, depressing, dimple-heavy dirge that will dupe your (ear)drums. Kuss Mich is a frayed flower with a flagrant fragrance, a foul, floppy fuck-all to the fickle friends of folk and funk-rock. Kuss Mich is a noisy, nutty, gnarly Neanderthal, never not-heavy nor non-confrontational. Kuss Mich is a scalding scrap of sinful, screaming skronk-metal, subtle as a strong sock to the head and seven times as sonic. Kuss Mich is ten-times-you, tight, terrifying too, tart and tangy and terrific and not to be tangled with. Kuss Mich is a clattering, cacophonic corker, a crapped-out, coarse cackle from the cracked lips of a cantankerous old coot. "Kuss mich" is German for "kiss me," and it's no California Raisins LP; be careful out there. (Grant Purdum)



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