Oceans of Islands CD – Level Plane

Ocean of Islands is a solid release from a solid name and a solid label, and its most interesting moments are, unfortunately, fleeting, buried underneath the steady-but-unspectacular remnants of hardcore’s past. Fans of City of Caterpillar, Neil Perry, et al, will recognize what’s going on here instantly, and either be enthused or nonplussed. It all depends on what you’re into. I don’t see Genghis Tron devotees making the extra effort for a band as traditional as Sinaloa, but those steeped in Saetia to this day won’t be able to find a more logical continuance of a sound that has been developing – albeit slowly – for a long-ass time on what amounts to a handful of labels and a few bands with members that jump from crew to crew like crazy. The Level Plane imprint alone doesn’t guarantee a particular sound these days, but Oceans of Islands fits the classic mold of the label, and that’s not a bad thing to most people, me included. (Grant Purdum)



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