Unhistories CD – Drag City

When two of the more underappreciated bands of the last decade, 90 Day Men and U.S. Maple, called it quits, they broke the hearts of more than a few initiated music geeks. Yet, when word surfaced of a mysterious band opening a tour leg for Battles dubbed “Singer” and featuring members of both groups – well, a few initiated music geeks rejoiced. Specifically, the band features Rob A.A. Lowe (90 Day Men, Lichens), Todd Rittman and Adam Vida (U.S. Maple), and Ben Vida (Bird Show). The resulting music they make sounds neither like the technical rock of 90 Day Men nor the urine-stained punk of U.S. Maple. Instead, the band fluctuates between the off-kilter, challenging vocal harmonies of TV On the Radio and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and moodier rock like Sunny Day Real Estate or Oxbow. However, each of those references really only account for specific moments of Unhistories. The overall vibe of the album reinvents bluesy mood rock. It’s haunting, yet gorgeous, like the best Angelo Badalementi compositions. (Jeremiah Griffey)



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