The Sinners of Daughters CD - MoRisen

At first this album had all the appeal of a Mr. Yuck sticker, but once a few verses and choruses make their presence known the appeal of The Talk - and particularly lead singer Justin Williams' fluttering vocals - becomes clear. Semi-standard, shimmering indie rock in the vein of Serene UK is on the Sinners menu, with chiming guitars and several overdubs belying the spirit of a true trio. This is one of those records that will have you cheering and jeering at regular intervals. The id in me wants to dismiss the campy, too-sugary nature of Williams' voice and the cheese-stuffed fuzz riffs, but the kid in me likey-likeys the generous portion of catchy refrains such as those found on "Man Narrates" (incidentally, the kid in me also despises the fat, ripe bastard I've become). I'll probably carry a tolerant view of The Talk into the night when all is said and done, just like I do with Rainer Maria. I think they've written a few great tunes and a few decrepit ones, and I won't be the one to defend them if the discussion turns to emo-ish (but not quite emo) bands my friends love to rip on. Ahhh, the joys of riding the fence; I'm neither right nor wrong! And if that makes me a (lisp included) Sinner, then spank me to death, Johnny. (Grant Purdum)



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