The Family Myth CD - Frenchkiss

Little space exists within the fringes of wistful pop for error. Whether twee, power, paisley, mod, post-punk, indie or otherwise, pop's fans are relentless, relying on the back catalog of Big Star and The Apples In Stereo for solace. Tangiers - featuring former Guided by Voices drummer Jon McCann - skim the surface of Lake Pop delicately, not making a huge watermark but creating enough ripples to rock the boat. A trove of jangle, a troupe of spindly piano numbers and a plethora of pleasing melodies frolic, tucked within The Family Myth like small toys in a Christmas stocking, bringing cheer and warmth to all within earshot of Tangiers' modus operandi. Especially gratifying are songs like "The Coast Guard," revving up only to segue into jolting bridges without missing a bold-faced beat. Thoroughly enjoyable, The Family Myth carries enough sun within its pages to shine out three below ground basements and two torture chambers. Shit, they should ship copies of this tight little puppy to Iraq! (Grant Purdum)



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