Tarantella de la Morte CD - Alternative Tentacles

As our favorite punk icons wither with age we can at least take comfort in knowing the change isnít always as bad as _____'s (insert name of your favorite has-been here) new material would intimate. For example, Tarantella is better than 80 percent of the jerkwater punk bands on the Alternative Tentacles roster, past and present. The six-piece accomplish this task by veering past punk altogether, lavishly curating a unique blend of Western, Italian and Spanish themes into a giant, floppy tortilla of sound (cheap metaphor, but hey, tortillas are universal!). Taking advantage of the clean electric guitar picking, slinking violin parts and banjo plucks, vocalist Kal Cahoone takes command. She envisioned Tarantella years ago, slyly slipping a tape to then-stranger John Rumley (Slim Cessna's Auto Club) on the fly. Now the pair are bandmates and Cahoone's a frontwoman, and her songwriting skills are overt. It's too bad her voice tends to wear thin, becoming same-y after a dozen-odd songs whisk by. Luckily, Tarantella de la Morte is only 10 tracks deep and full of swanky, waltz-y atmosphere. Ariba! (Grant Purdum)



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