We Are The Os CD - Idol

The Os are Taylor Young and John Pedigo, a guitar, banjo, and harmony duo with Polyphonic Spree connections. Young also helms the 1970s blues boogie rock revival trio Young James Long, and partner Pedigo heads up the country outfit Boys Named Sue. While elements of all three of these bands are here, little outright of the psychedelic musical theater pop of Polyphonic Spree, or of the work of their other groups is all that evident on We Are the Os, the duos debut disc.

We Are the Os is a recording of fairly straightforward bluegrass and folk tunes - think country-rock without the rock, and pretty much without the country - delivered in spare arrangements, acoustic string instruments paired with a kick drum. Throughout, Young and Pedigo give out with some healthy harmonizing. Stylistically, The Os are something of a hybrid of an unplugged and less histrionic Two Gallants crossed with The Avett Brothers. Honestly, its hard to imagine that Young and Pedigo are not meaning We Are the Os to be read in some ironic fashion, and yet the earnestness of their delivery, their true-to-form rootsy licks, and some very fine tunesmithing - while there are some misses here, Youve Got Your Heart, One Way Ticket, and Together are each impressive - all argue for this recording to sit comfortably beside any article which might be called genuine. Either way, authentic as the hill country or eye-winking trope, this record makes for a fine listen.

By Michael Meade



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