Tiger Shower Caps CD - Radio Is Down

The Cure is a band. Now, Tiger Shower Caps is a band. Here's the difference: Tiger Shower Caps are from Germany and, quite likely, very disturbing live. That's probably a good thing, since that's what their sound initiates. The vocals spit out like asteroids or fit the dirty sound cache like an angry motor, occasionally veering off into tight, angry cries that spit from the volcanic melodies. This isn't a chill record at all; never does the effort allow the listener to get too comfortable. The chaos is evident, and energy undeniable. Regardless, the cohesive subtext is that of insomnia, agitation, and desire. The messy guitar hooks, sour milk vocals, and other aromas will have you scratching your head or reaching for your mascara, depending on your mood. On a positive note, beyond the aforementioned comparison, Tiger Shower Caps (issued in a limited edition of 500 copies) is a fantastic voyage on mushrooms that starts with a crappy and diabolical robovoice sampler. "The Joke's On Fire" hurls itself upon the senses with its malicious guitar and matching vocal rhythms. "The Cutter" races with anxiety and symbols. The familiar underlying guitars poke through the nauseous cluster. I certainly don't think the band wants to sound happy or in touch with sensitivity; their mood seems to be that of going through the motions, sounding as though they want to have fun but haven't filled out the permission slips properly. (Nathaniel G. Moore)



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