The Village Green CDEP - BMI

Not since The Deathray Davies has a band name registered so loudly on the Kinks-o-meter. Unlike The Davies, The Village Green fail to preserve the priggish society founded by their late-sixties heroes, their music matching the claim that "We are the people from a land / where everything is grey" with dull songwriting and a keep-it-simple-stupid brand of simplicity that neglects to cash in on the one element alpha-Kink Ray Davies always used to rise above the throngs: catchy hooks and riffs. You can't berate these blokes for attempting to coral convention into boatloads of cash and teenage cooz, but The Village Green's eponymous EP is too bland, inflating its water wings for "C'mon" but deflating into mediocre pop/rock for the remaining five tracks, drowning in their dedication to linear arrangements. A rousing "doop-doop" chorus and a cute keyboard line saves closer "Plastic Woman" from the doldrums tainting the rest of the EP, but too little, too late. But don't you fret, love; you can always invest in the real thing, circa The Kinks Kontroversy, Kinda Kinks, bargain collection Well Respected Kinks and, of course, The Village Green Preservation Society, an album The Village Green obviously didn't study fastidiously enough. (Grant Purdum)



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