I Hate People CDEP - Blue Flea

The title of Windy Weber's first-ever solo album seemingly matches up with the portrait of the young and angry punk rock woman which serves as the record's cover art. A surprise comes with the knowledge that this picture is, in fact, of Windy two decades removed, dating back to 1987. Why exactly the artist hates people is never explained in detail, but the feeling is most definitely explored in the two extended tracks that comprise I Hate People. Fittingly, the music is violent and oppressive, with walls of gnarled feedback, high-pitched tones, and furious guitar solos creating the framework for both "Sirens" and "Destroyed." Ominous is the word that perhaps most fully embodies the threatening sounds on the album, but that is also a word that you would never use to approximate Windy's main musical vehicle, Kranky mainstays Windy & Carl. Aggressive and sated with contempt, I Hate People certainly is several shades darker than the dream-inducing bliss of Windy's parent project. (Ryan Potts)



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