Anubis Arising
Scales of Truth 10” - Transgalactic Ladder

Anubis Rising has never failed to bring a smile to my face. Every time I see them live or hear the new music. Since their first release, Opening of The Mouth, I was hooked. Anubis Rising plays a unique style of extreme music fused with atmospheric blends of obscure thoughts and emotions. A years ago Anubis Rising hit a home run with the Up Hill Battle split EP. This limited release (now non-existent) saw the true writing capabilities with “Infintae Self Perpetuation.” Six minutes of a roller coaster ride of death-grind, hardcore, and progressive style song structures. ¶ Upon hearing that Anubis Rising had a new ten-inch EP coming out, my infatuation with Anubis Rising forced me to get a record of the new stuff. As expected, Anubis Rising has brought out new elements and ideas to offer the extreme music world. You can expect clever hooks and mind burning guitar writing, all with atmospheric portions leaving room for the music to breath, and the listener to catch their breath and gather themselves once again. You may have a hard time finding the ten-inch Scales of Truth, so the best thing to do is e-mail the band from their website and order from them. (Jim Mills)



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