Dick, The Lion-Hearted CD - Owned & Operated

Well, let’s see. Armstrong is made up of former Hagfish members. Armstrong is on the Owned & Operated label, run by members of ALL and the Descendents, the same guys who record, mix, and master the label’s records. So, the band has some positive things going for it, right? But you know what? They also write some damn good songs. All of the aforementioned connected bands could be used in some form of comparison, as Armstrong creates a brand of punchy, chunky punk rock that is filled with as much melody as it is aggression. This is the sort of album that could work either as the soundtrack to a party on the brink of getting out of control, or for jumping in your car and hitting the road with some friends in the summer, as some of these songs have a nice little surf vibe to them. The album has that sort of energetic, catchy, middle finger waving sort of feel to it that would also work as a nice pick-me-up for that morning when it is so tough to get out of bed. Take the Descendents’ Everything Sucks and put a more modern, poppy spin on it and this is the sort of thing you would come up with. Fans of both the old and new school of punk rock will be proud. (Eddie Fournier)



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