The Blood Brothers
Burn Piano Island, Burn CD - ARTISTdirect

Where has punk gone? MTV maybe? Commercial radio perhaps? Punk is everywhere these days, except for the underground. It’s now a culture, and a marketing tool. But the question is, what is the next incarnation for punk? The Hives? Avirl Lavigne? I certainly hope not. I would put my money on the band The Blood Brothers. These guys were signed to the same label that housed The Locust and Cattle Decapitation, so you know it’s nothing commercial (yet). Now the Blood Brothers will get their crack at some good money supporting them with ARTISTdirect. ¶ Burn Piano Island, Burn fuses the extreme vocal styling of grindcore, and the clean whiney vocals that’s popping up more and more. Assisted by the scraping guitar sound and bottom friendly drum sound, The Blood Brothers bring their oddball antics to a new level. Now don’t expect something like The Hives or The Strokes, because there’s nothing to compare. Those bands are like glam-rock for indie bands, and The Blood Brothers are raw, brutal, and weird. ¶ With the help of veteran hit-maker Ross Robinson, who brought the comeback of Vanilla Ice (yes, that is heavy sarcasm), they brought a thick multi-dimensional sound that allows the odd timing and changes to come through clearly, not boosting the production to something you would see on MTV though. And what punk album wouldn’t be complete without crazy ass song titles. Try the grinding intro “Guitarmy” or “Six Nightmares At The Pinball Masquerade.” Basically picture Faith No More, The Refused and Brutal Truth. (Jim Mills)



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