The Bloodthirsty Lovers
The Bloodthirsty Lovers CD - Self-Released

The Bloodthirsty Lovers make immersive glitch pop that sounds like the bastard lovechild of Cex and U2. It’s spacious and melodic, but filled with samples and repeated beats, and keyboards that layer on top of each other over and over again. The album begins with a deeply felt, instrumental groove track called “Telepathic,” and then moves into a series of epic, electronic pop masterpieces. While not approaching the sublime beauty of The Notwist, the band strikes a fence-straddling pose between electronic, IDM and modern pop that is strikingly original and stunningly beautiful. The entire record has the feel of a dream of flying, floating through clouds and gorgeous scenery in a murky, sleepy haze. For brief moments, the vocals are reminiscent of Billy Corgan at his dreamiest, but mostly they’re just breathy whispers laid in over IDM style grooves. For an album that is so heavily reliant on electronically created sounds, it’s surprisingly organic and melodic. Rather than the usual clicks and beats, these electronics are used to create atmosphere and melody, almost like an orchestra of sampled sounds instead of an electronic percussion set. Throughout the record, The Bloodthirsty Lovers create new templates for the use of electronics in music. For a debut album, it’s surprisingly subtle and mature, making this a band to watch in the future. (Peter Suderman)



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