Blue States
Man Mountain CD - Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

Air and Zero 7 aren’t the only acts to master the formula for downbeat electronic with warm female vocals. London’s Blue States (Andy Dragazis) is on the top of the mountain with this follow-up to the equally smooth Nothing Changes Under The Sun. From the first track onward, his wonderful combination of organic and electronic sounds are seductive, enchanting and best of all, chill. Vocalist Tahita Bulmer lends her beautiful voice for “What We Have Won,” the lovely “Season Song” and more, while strings and other gentle instruments take the lead for such nice moments as “Colouration,” which shows Dragazis’ early influences from film scores like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Subtle hints of jazz, funk and lounge can be found elsewhere, helping to make Man Mountain a gorgeous achievement. (Kenyon Hopkin)



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