Bon Voyage
The Right Amount CD - Tooth & Nail

If you’re looking for light and innocent indie rock, don’t say goodbye to Bon Voyage. Okay, that sentence was lame. But seriously, the second release from this gentle and sweet group is gorgeous. A supergroup of sorts, as well as a family affair, Bon Voyage is a quintessential, female-fronted indie band. Starflyer59’s Jason Martin joins his wife, Julie, and brother, Ronnie (of synth-pop marvels Joy Electric, also on Tooth & Nail), for the correct dosage of slighty syrupy, slighty electro pop. As a result of the collaboration, Bon Voyage’s follow-up to their self-titled 1998 debut at times sounds like a fusion of Starflyer59 and Joy Electric, taking the dreamy rock chords of the former, and the cheery synthesizers of the latter. But they branch out a little to resemble Mojave 3 (“All The Traps”) and the Ocean Blue (“The Telephone”). Though it’s only thirty minutes, The Right Amount is right on target. (Kenyon Hopkin)



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