Gettin’ Wise CD – Beggars Banquet

If you think it’s about time that Missy Elliott and Gwen Stefani wed, rapping their vows through a vocoder over the Licensed to Ill instrumentals, then each giving birth to fraternal twins of “futuristic yet mature” twists of funk and gunk, this is the Top 40 faux-rap album for you. Lead singer Muffin Spencer – no less the sister of Jon Spencer – is dying for a million headline twists with her that’s-not-innuendo pseudonym (Cute Muffin! Talkin’ To The Muff! Muff-led and Luvin’ It!) and her phony, appropriated prima donna white-rap likeness. Aren’t we already cursed with Northern State? Mostly what I think when I hear each and every unclever song title (“Turn This Thing Up,” “Where Did You Get That Funk?” and “Dus’”) is, “Who cares?” If this is Brassy gettin’ wise, I’d hate to hear them get stoopid. (Roxanne Tomco)



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