Breaking Pangaea
Cannon To A Whisper CD - Undecided

Breaking Pangaea has created one of the most terribly average efforts in recent memory. Cannon to A Whisper is one of those albums that makes it easy for you to listen to the entire thing, but before you even finish you find yourself wondering if you have heard this somewhere before. The lyrics are filled with emotion while the vocals are convincing enough, and everything from the jangly guitars to the moderately creative rhythms don’t exactly point out a shortage in the talent department, but the problem is that nothing here stands out as terribly interesting. The overall vibe is that of a less polished and less successful version of a band like Brandston, mixing anthematic emo songs with more driving power pop-punk numbers, which is something a thousand other bands probably have written on their press sheets. Another problem is the band’s tendency to let the wandering instrumental portions of the songs drag on a bit too long, wearing the patience of some listeners about as thin as it can go. With so much good music out there waiting to be heard, there isn’t much time for something this mediocre and nondescript. (Eddie Fournier)



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