Disband/Kudzu Wish
At The Scene of The Accident CD - Ernest Jenning

The consummation of a marriage is supposed to be a special, exclusive offering. Instead, this wedding of sorts between two of North Carolina’s pop-riddled indie rockers is a boring, sleep-inducing experience stuck somewhere between the proverbial bookends of Piebald and Braid. This split full-length, At The Scene of The Accident, draws a line down the middle of its material and lets these two bands, Kudzu Wish and Disband, sling a handful of trite indie rock tracks at each other. The first outfit, Disband, hit like an emotionless, soulless Fugazi marred with wimpy pop-punk guitar chords and a laugh-less attempt at humor as their chosen band moniker is a destiny they should certainly aspire to. In the opposite corner, Kudzu Wish spin rough rock edges around their sturdy melodic core to arrive at music that feels as if it’s simply going through the motions of a typical punk band rather than truly trailblazing its own path. At The Scene of The Accident is certainly an aptly titled release where the only one hurt at this unfortunate scene is the listener and their ears. (Ryan Potts)



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