Franz Ferdinand CD – Sony/ Domino

Simultaneously exploiting the booming scenes of arty post-punk and dance rock, Franz Ferdinand is quite simply the right band at the right time. This is reflected in the tidal wave of hype that has ushered them into the U.S., as well as their recent signing to Sony in a jaw-droppingly pricey deal. So, is this all deserved? Most definitely. On their self-titled debut album these Scots demonstrate an uncanny knack for writing pop songs that actually deserve to be popular. Irresistibly scratchy guitars, filthily discotastic bass lines, and perfect harmonies that will claw their way into your memory for weeks (like it or not), all add up to make some seriously addictive music. Their sharply produced sound has raised some eyebrows for being too accessible and all too prone to get NME tripping over their tongue in praise and the majors digging into their pockets to compete in a bidding war. But that’s nothing more than collateral damage when delivering such a potent album. Alex Kapranos’ smart, sex-filled lyrics demand such an easily digestible sheen. There will always be those sceptics that assume integrity and pop are two spheres without a common ground, but for the believers it doesn’t get much better than this. (Mike Tiernan)



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