Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass CD – Narnack

Bugs Bunny? Dude. This half-pint reeks of the Tazmanian Devil: it’s the sound of dark carnivals raging just outside of the whirlwind you’re trapped at the center of. Any space not occupied by Zach Hill’s stitching stick work or Spencer Seim’s manic riffing is splatted by a hail of programmed paintballs – bells, brooding bass keyboards, delirious organ stabs yearning to be free of their orbit. This controlled, cartoon chaos reaches its apex with “Post Ivy-League Depression” – part shred clinic, part modern piano piece, part intro for NPR’s “Marketplace” – and justifies the nonsensical spiels that open and close this record. Hey, The Boredoms do that kind of thing all the time, so it’s all good. (Raymond Cummings)



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