Hot Water Music
Caution CD - Epitaph

Hot Water Music is one of those bands that have been churning out album upon album of quality material for a number of years now (consistently backed by a tremendous work ethic), without ever really earning the support they truly deserve. Caution is the sort of album that could change all of that, as it is one of the tightest, most focused, and nearly perfect efforts the band has offered up thus far. ¶ The opening roar of “Remedy” rips into you with the chugging chords and dark melodies, gritty lead vocals with sing-along chants in the background, and the unrelenting rhythm section. It is a powerful opening statement, and it bleeds nicely into the more melodic and bouncy “Trusty Chords.” Things continue this way for the duration of the album, perfectly balancing the dark and bright sides of things, expertly walking the line between punk and pop. The moods are nicely balanced, from the mid-tempo somberness of “It’s All Related” and the excellent “Alright For Now,” to the vastly more upbeat “Wayfarer” and the aforementioned “Trusty Chords,” helping to make the variety of songs another of the album’s achievements. ¶ Call it punk, call it post-hardcore, call it whatever you want to, but there is no denying, especially after hearing Caution, that Hot Water Music is one of the best bands in whatever genre you feel like tossing it into. Even if you hear this album and manage not to enjoy it, you won’t be able to deny the fact that it is a damn solid effort. (Eddie Fournier)



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