Unholy Cult CD - Olympic

The Best. That sums it up nice and easy. Immolation is the best group of people to enter the recording studio. Great musicians, as well as songwriters and composers. Immolation executes every song with devilish conviction. Unholy Cult is, in a way, the “rebound” album, since the departure from Metal Blade, now on competition Century Media. I was very excited to hear Unholy Cult, because the boys in Immolation assured the world that Unholy Cult would be the best recording to date. Since every single band says this about their upcoming album since the beginning of album promotion, I knew that Immolation wouldn’t just say this; they meant it. And it shows that Immolation has progressed through each of their recordings, topping off with Unholy Cult. ¶ The key parts of Unholy Cult that separate them from the remaining extreme bands are the awesome drum work from Alex, the multi-textured passion behind Ross’s voice, and Bob’s angel lacerating guitar playing. The weaving song structures keep new ideas fluent in every song. There are times that I can envision the hellish doom of mankind, and sometimes I feel like punching crotches because of the changes they throw out. It’s great, and Immolation smokes every band that plays music today, be it Paul McCartney, Jay Z, or Slayer. The darkened flames don’t compare to Immolation and their creative minds. (Jim Mills)



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