7” - Cospe-Fogo Gravacoes

Having been around for three years in their native Brazil, Infect have washed upon our New York shores like a tsunami. For those still open to brutal, metallic hardcore punk this female quintet can enliven more senses than they realize while tightening the pants of those willing to slam dance on the front row. Equally calibrating passion and chops with technique and style, the phab phive harbor a burning desire to scale the heights of glory by knocking down the walls. Running the race between brutality and restraint each of these eight little devils whips by in a furious rush of terminality, sparking up the spirit of the next track with ashes of the fore. All we want is for people to recognize humanity in art, to notice the symbolism in metaphor and to indulge in a magnanimous union of riotous sex. If these five women can spurn the American tragedy and bless us with disarmament, we may actually live to see tomorrow. God bless our new friends. (Josh Gabriel)



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