Treat Me To Some Life CD - File 13

Lenola are no strangers to the concept of music as a continuously developing and self-expressive phenomenon. The group emerged in the early Nineties very much influenced by the layered sounds of the shoegaze genre. However, Lenola turned those influences into their own by intertwining melodies, sidestepping into its own unique sound. The eerie rock begotten of there second release aided and abetted the fledgling Philadelphia-area space rock scene. Even then the group could not be typecast as impressionist lyrics and pop-psychedelic vocals made it clear the band was blooming into something all their own. Once again arising from their home recording studio, the ongoing evolution of Lenola culminates with Treat Me To Some Life, an album whose pop complexities and often high-pitched lazy vocals match those of contemporaries such as Mercury Rev and the Flaming Lips. At times tranquil and then blossoming into something widely dynamic, the Lenola aesthetic has established a range both compelling and entrancing. (Jason Mueller)



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