Made It In A Day CDEP - Self-Released

Hands down this disc is thee reason why I still waste so much fucking time sifting through piles of faceless indie crap and excessively indulgent self-made drivel. Liars expand on the notion of self-recording as a thoroughfare towards the autobahn of self-revelation, energy in art and self-conscious awareness. Fuck everyone who will inevitably spew off Pop Group, Swell Maps, E.S.G., Gang Of Four, Cabaret Voltaire, Big Black, The Fall, Inca Babies, Fad Gadget, This Heat, Scritti Politti, tight as a virgin bass playing, dance beats that sway like dying fronds during the rainy season in Africa, the tallest singer this week, angry motions at an angry audience, I heard the guitar strings were covered in blood after the show, they're aping the past 'cause it's cool, currently the most exciting approximation of retro-modernism since last week's hipsters knew too much and referenced the fun out of fucking everything, will the singer stop teasing the guitarist please?, didn't Ian Svenonious crawl around the stage like this too?, I thought they were gonna be an indie band, this kinda reminds me of Crass... even though I never really heard 'em, political agendas that contort themselves in acrobatic jingoism… yeah, I just started my poli-sci course at New York University, who's your professor?, the bass player has a bald head, never really saw the drummer… he sounded alright… I was at the bar so I didn't really hear him… is he any good? To make it easier for every asshole magazine writer who doesn't listen to the discs they're sent to review because, well, there's simply too much to listen to, I've given y'all a future list of references to steal from, that way you can even fool your friends into thinking you're a literary talent when you employ a cut-up review of your own. This is one of the best things reviewed this year. Fucking Liars. (Joshua Gabriel)



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