They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top CD - Mute/Blast First

Like notoriously great art, Liars teeter that definitive brink of sheer genius and vacillating insanity with their mind mending, definition dismantling and utterly brilliant concoction of brooding, noise splintering post-punk. Amassing their extreme sonic sensibilities in their recently reissued debut, They Threw Us All in A Trench and Stuck A Monument on Top, this New York-based quartet mangle the rhythmic tension of fragmented aggro as much as they induce perilous dance steps. Despite their often footnoted influences of the Birthday Party and Gang of Four, the Liars deconstruct such seminal crews into a definitely original brand of art damaged punk that seethes with brash intensity without forgetting the obligatory usage of fun. For every rhythm stabbing, guitar lobotomizing bruiser such as “Loose Nuts on the Veladrome,” there is a keyboard scathing, dance floor igniter like “Mr. Your On Fire Mr.” Meet the best release to scorch shelves in the past two years; they call themselves the Liars, but I’ll be rightfully calling them saviors. (Ryan Potts)



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