The Mars Volta
The Tremulant CDEP - GSL

Pairing California’s The Mars Volta with producer Alex Newport was a stroke of genius. The Mars Volta, made up of the cooler two-fifths of the presumably defunct At The Drive-In, and Newport, one of the finest producers working within the realm of rock music and late of much under appreciated sludge rockers Fudge Tunnel, should never again make a record apart. ¶ The Mars Volta bring their previous band’s rambunctious energy to the table and still manage to create something inarguably experimental. Their appreciation for avant-garde and world music is evident here, an ingredient sorely lacking in any of their previous band’s work. ¶ The only thing that deserves more credit than adventurism in these sour times of musical revisionism and is when it’s pulled off with such grace and panache, and The Tremulant EP is an experiment that actually works. If the ‘A’ in Kid A stood for “afro,” this is what it’d sound like. Right fucking on. (James Jackson Toth)



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